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Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery is a four-year degree program consisting of general education and professional courses which prepare registered midwives for higher-level midwifery competencies. The program includes a Clinical Practicum in Management of OB Emergencies and High-Risk Pregnancies, Care of Infants and Children, Comprehensive Family Planning, Community Health Service Management, Community Health Care Facility Management, Midwifery Pharmacology, Research, Entrepreneurship, Administration and Supervision. Students of the program may select from any of the following Midwifery Majors: Education, Community Health, Reproductive Health, Administration and Supervision, or Health Care Facility Management.

The Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BS RadTech) is a four-year degree program designed to train students on how to operate medical imaging equipment such as X-rays, CT scanners, MRIs, sonogram machines, and 3D medical imaging programs among other computer and web-based software programs. Students are also taught how to perform associated clerical duties, including scheduling and maintaining paperwork for office and clinical machinery.

Diploma in Midwifery is a two-year program consisting of general education and professional courses which prepare students for entry-level midwifery competencies. This 2-year direct entry program includes Clinical Practicum in Foundations of Midwifery, Normal Obstetrics and Care of the Newborn, Introduction to High-Risk Obstetrics, Basic Care of Infants and Feeding, Basic Family Planning, Primary Health Care and Midwifery Ethics, Law and Practice.



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