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The curriculum for BS in Accountancy Program is designed to support aspiring professional accountants to develop the appropriate entry-level technical competence, professional skills, values, ethics, and attitudes to successfully complete their studies, pass their professional certification assessment/examination, and the practical experience period. It is composed of a minimum of 173 units, including the required General Education (GE) curriculum, and covers all major areas required by the profession such as:

  1. Accounting: finance and related knowledge
  2. Organizational and business knowledge and
  3. Information technology, knowledge, and competencies

The 173 units are broken down into the following components:

Courses                                                Minimum Units Prescribed

  • General Education (GE) Courses                      36
  • National Service Training Program (NSTP)           6
  • Physical Education (PE) courses                       8

 Sub-total                                             50 units

  • Common Business and Management
    • Education Courses                                6
  • Core Accounting Education Courses                81
  • Cognates/Major/Professional Courses              36

Sub-total                                             123 units

        Total                                                    173 units

The subjects under the GE Courses are as per CHED Memorandum No. 20 series of 2013.

This curriculum is vertically aligned with the Accounting and Business Management (ABM) strand of the senior high school academic track.



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