Integrated Basic Education – Newly Elected SSG Officials

Newly-elected SSG Officials take their oath as the voice of the Basic Ed’s student body! 

DGDLFCI’s Integrated Basic Education conducted the department-wide SSG election on September 5, 2022, wherein fresh and new faces from different grade levels successfully made it to the list of SSG OFFICERS for the School Year 2022-2023.

Ayame Sasamoto of Grade 11- Sincerity was proclaimed as the new SSG PRESIDENT, followed by the new Vice President Eunice Caneda and the new Secretary Rhanned Ello Domantay—both from Grade 12-Integrity.

Other students from the Junior High School Department also made it to the list as Ms. Krizzia Ann De Leon and Miguelo Castillo won the  race for auditor and treasurer position. 

Moreover, Precious Jemimah Nagayo and Achira Justine De Leon were also proclaimed as the new JSHS Representatives in parallel with the Grade School’s Massey Shamsoddin, Akira Kato, Liam Kim Arevalo and Queen Shanna Estares as the new Grade School’s representatives.

DGDLFCI is comitted to provide trainings for young student leaders to promote good governance, leadership, unity, volunteerism and cooperation by providing them in-house engagements relevant to SSG functions.

Congratulations to our new SSG OFFICERS!